Weekly Meal Plan 9

Dear All,

Thanksgiving is coming closer and I am in the process of putting together a wonderful mouth watering Thanksgiving dinner that I will post on the weekend. What I have in mind is a tasty, colorful and easy to prepare menu. For now, enjoy and check out my new recipes that are included in the newest weekly meal plan (WeeklyMealplan9ShoppingList9).

Our highlights this week were definitely the homemade lemon parsley hummus,


the overnight vanilla oats with banana and blueberries 


and the raw carrot cake.


Also, a quick reminder for everyone living on the northern hemisphere- if you don’t get enough sun exposure because the cold, foggy winter months are creeping in, substitute Vitamin D along with Vitamin B12.

Oh, and something else needs to be addressed: go easy on the non- fermented soy! A new study has shown- again- what a difficult crop soy is and what possible side effects non- fermented soy might have. Fermented soy, on the other hand, as used in tempeh or miso, seems to be ok as long as they are organic and non GMO (sometimes hard to find).

As long as we don’t know for certain, limit your soy intake- in our family we hardly use an soy products. There are plenty of soy alternatives to choose from. We add almond milk to our coffee, use oat, almond, hemp and rice milk in our cereal and enjoy coconut yogurts.

Enjoy the weekend,