The Newest Recipes and Weekly Meal Plan Are Ready

It’s Friday night and time for the release of my new recipes and the weekly meal plan.



Shopping for plant-based foods is so much more fun than shopping for traditional foods…you get to skip so many aisles in the supermarket and are done in no time flat (unless you spend time in organic supermarkets checking out all kinds of new plant- based products). You can pass by the entire meat section, fish section, skip the dairy/ cheese/ processed section, most of the refrigerated section, the soda/ juice section, the snack/ chips section,…. just looking at the content of my cart at the checkout makes me feel so good about myself and our way of living.


I consider myself lucky to have an organic farmer’s market every Sunday close to where we live and a beautiful organic farm just 30 minutes away. This is where I try to buy the “dirty dozen” fruits and veggies (see my previous post).

I would also like to share some thoughts on how to use the Weekly Meal Plans efficiently or, if you don’t adhere to the weekly plans, at least give you some ideas on how to optimize your weekly meals.

  • Freeze leftover cookies, cakes or raw balls.
  • Use leftover dinner for adult lunches the next day.
  • Prepare as much as you can the night before (veggies, morning snack for kids..).
  • Make twice as much of your favorite dish that freezes well, like red beans and rice… and freeze it.
  • Cook twice as much oats and leave some in the fridge for a second serving of rolled or steel cut oats for another day. Simply warm them up in the microwave.
  • Have one evening off and don’t cook! For us, pizza night or tacos work best on Friday evenings when everybody is winding down from a busy week. Or eat out!
  • We like to eat different breakfast dishes every morning. Don’t feel pressured- a lot of people have one favorite dish that they stick to pretty much every morning. If you are using my shopping list adjust it accordingly.
  • In the long run you will recognize familiar dishes on the weekly meal plan. I pretty much copy our own menu, rotate our favorite dishes and add new ones in between. You will probably come up with your own hit list of recipes. Again, please adjust the shopping list accordingly.
  • Use the “leftover section” to utilize every bit of vegetable. If you don’t feel like cooking, throw them together in a juicer, add some lemon or lime and drink them.
  • For leftover fruits there are different options: freeze them in chunks, blend them into a smoothie (add dates or bananas for a sweeter version) or puree them into a sauce to top french toasts, cakes, ice creams or use it as a dip.
  • Always keep some bread in the freezer, some cookies and some fruits. It can save your life at times.

Happy shopping and happy healthy cooking!




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