Halloween Special

 Beautiful scary spooky Halloween is just around the corner…DSC_2351

… and we love to party, go trick-or treating and carve pumpkins!!

I hope so do you!

Almost every year we host a big Halloween party which is why I have come up with a lot of special party foods. Transform a sugar laden all-nutrients-lacking Halloween into a fun, awesome looking plant-based food Halloween.

Because our party food is healthy and nutritious, there is only one golden rule for our children: they can eat as much candy as they want while going trick-or-treating (except I make the absolute poisonous and crappiest ones simply disappear, I can’t help it!), but the next day it is all over and we go back to our regular food. So far, this has worked really well and was an acceptable compromise for our kids.

Here are some amazing Halloween recipe ideas. You’ll find the detailed recipes in the Halloween section of the “Parties and Celebrations” folder:

– Halloween CupcakesDSC_2316

– Warm Vampire Blood

– Steaming Witches’ Cauldron

– Greenish Avocado Humus

– Veggie Skeleton

– Banana Ghosts

– Date Bats

– Bloody Witch Fingers

– Olive Spiders and Avocado Skulls

– Watermelon Brain

– Scary Pear Faces




Hope you’ll have a spooky night with lots of fun,




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