Cold Winter Or Hot Summer?

Hi Everyone,

I have been sweating a lot in my kitchen this week! Here, on the southern hemisphere, summer will begin in 2 weeks and so far we’ve had beautiful, cloudless sunny days with just the right amount of coolness at night time. And this is how we spent last Sunday afternoon- lazy at the beach… looks like paradise, felt like paradise…


This is the time of year when we love to indulge in raw foods, cold soups, barbecues and enjoy the sunset  with chilled drinks. And because the temperatures are on a steep incline, we try to avoid heating up the kitchen making everything even warmer! But that’s exactly what I have been doing this week!

For everyone that happens to live on the northern hemisphere, winter is creeping up and with it the cold temperatures. Everybody loves to cuddle up and feel snug and warm. Eating comfort foods like endlessly simmered hot stews, warming curries, warm muffins  and drinking hot beverages are just few essentials that help us survive.

So instead of adding simply summer time meals to my blog, I cooked up comfort foods in hot late spring…and my family loved the foods! Their absolute favorite this week was the plant- based chili.. followed closely by the couscous and the gnocchi… and the grilled pineapple. Well, you can never really cook too many fabulous dishes, can you?





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