Welcome to my first weekly meal plan!

I am so excited! Here is my first weekly meal plan!



It has been quite a challenge for me to set everything up the way I wanted it but all my effort has paid off. I hope you will enjoy looking into it and hopefully use it- or parts of it.

You can print it out and put it on the fridge.fridge

At least this is where all our important notes, reminders, invitations and latest pictures of the children go. The attached grocery shopping list includes all the items that you need for that particular week and is based on a family with two children under the age of ten. The right hand column is called “Pantry”. It contains items you need on an daily basis and which you will probably have in stock. I am working on linking the meals directly to the corresponding recipes. For now, you will still have to look up each recipe in the recipe section.

Have fun cooking!






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  • Irenepartridge@sbcglobal.net September 28, 2014  

    Hi Ursula!
    Well this is very exciting! I’ll look forward to trying this out!
    Congrats! Fondly, Irene

    • ursulahienz September 29, 2014  

      Thanks Irene! Let me know how you like the recipes.

  • Maureen September 29, 2014  

    Hi Ursula,
    Very impressed. The site looks amazing. Look forward to trying a few of your recipes.
    Well done and best wishes. Maureen.

    • ursulahienz September 29, 2014  

      Hi Maureen,
      Eager to get your feedback on the recipes 🙂

  • Michelle Boze-Toomey September 30, 2014  


    I am so proud of you; The site looks great! I can’t wait to follow you and your ALWAYS fabulous ideas!!!! Miss you

    • ursulahienz September 30, 2014  

      Thanks for your support Michelle! Miss u too,
      xoxo Ursula

  • Shanna Felker October 4, 2014  

    Wow Ursula! This site is so organized and thought out. We can’t wait to follow you and try your recipes.