All Things Pumpkin

Apples and pears are the big favourites every fall at the Farmer’s markets, but pumpkins seem to always steal the show.


Maybe because they come in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. Or maybe because there is no end to what you can make with the sweet and savoury squash. Pies, dips, muffins, curries,…if you use pumpkin, it will always taste delicious! We start our pumpkin season around Halloween and end it…well, actually, we never let it end!

This week, I have included a couple of mouth watering pumpkin dishes in the weekly meal plan, so make sure you check out the butternut squash dip,


the mini pumpkin pies


and the coconut chickpea curry with squash instead of sweet potatoes.




Just in case you needed a reason to eat pumpkin, here are FIVE INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS packed into each yummy bite:

  • Pumpkin contains a whole lot of FIBER, which keeps you full of r a long time and is essential for your digestive system
  • one cup of pumpkin contains twice the amount of the recommended daily intake of VITAMIN A, which is essential for your vision and helps you maintain healthy skin, bones and teeth
  • Pumpkin is rich in the amino acid TRYPTOPHAN and SEROTONIN, which the body builds from Tryptophan. Tryptophan will make you nice and sleepy after dinner, Serotonin will improve your mood (you might want to stock up on Serotonin during the dark winter months!)
  • Pumpkin, especially the seeds, contain a lot of ANTI- OXIDANTS and BETA CAROTENE, which protect your body

That should do it for the pumpkins. Let’s embrace ourselves for the upcoming cookie season. The kids and I are getting ready to plaster the kitchen with flour and spices while doing the Christmas cookie bake… stay tuned for my next post.





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