Gojis, Corn and Pumpkin

Hi All,

What do Goji berries, corn and pumpkin have in common?

Well, this week I let my family choose the ingredients. I asked our children to name one ingredient that I would then use in my meals. Our son didn’t have to think twice- his choice was sweet corn- which did not come as a surprise to me. He is as much into corn as I am into avocados. Our daughter found a package of goji berries in the pantry and remembered how much she liked to eat them. Goji berries are THE most nutrient dense food and in the past, I have used them in several recipes. This time I settled on delicious raw GOJI BERRY BALLS.



So, goji berries was easy. But what to do with the sweet corn kernels…? Because of the extremely hot weather I decided to cook as little as possible and make a salad instead. I whipped up a simple but extremely tasty CORN, AVOCADO AND BEAN SALAD WITH VINAIGRETTE. 



Last but not least, my husband also got to choose and picked one of his favourite vegetables- pumpkin. To his deep disappointment, I refused to make another pumpkin pie this week! Instead, I came up with a creamy Italian PUMPKIN RISOTTO. In the end, he was pleasantly surprised! But then again, so was I!



Enjoy this week’s meal plan and I hope you can use the corresponding shopping list.

WeeklyMealplan11    ShoppingList11

Happy plant- based cooking!







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