Cinnamon, Marzipan, Nuts, Apples and More…

Hi All,

This week we rediscovered the heavenly smell and taste of oven- baked stuffed apples!


Traditionally, I use marzipan, day old bread, raisins and cinnamon for the stuffing. A dear friend of mine surprised us a couple of days ago with steaming, delicious nut filled baked apples. There were so good that I had to share the recipe with you. But let’s not forget my mouth watering marzipan recipe…

The photo above shows one of the apples with a nut filling and a scoop of ice cream on top reminiscent of Picasso’s cubic period. I was clearly inspired by the works of his contemporary painters from a recent exhibit at the world famous Albertina Museum in Vienna. They currently show works of Juan Miro, a truly worthwhile exhibit.

As usual, please find the recipes for “oven baked stuffed apples two ways”  in the dessert section of the recipe drop down menu.



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