THE Most Delicious Plant-Based French Toast Ever…Like Ever!!

Dear All,

Up to this Sunday morning, I thought that I had already been in the possession of THE best french toast recipe. Guess what? I was so wrong. It’s not that my recipe up to then was not delicious or was lacking anything. But this morning, for some reason, I remembered a small cafe in Los Angeles, named Cafe Montana, montanathat my husband and I used to frequently go to on Sunday mornings- before we even got married! There, we always ordered the same breakfast- Huevos Rancheros and granola french toast, with raspberry and vanilla sauce on the side. As you can guess, this was way before we switched to a plant-based diet.

Anyway, this morning, I remembered the crunchy texture of that delicious french toast and decided tweak some of it into a plant-based version. The result surpassed all our expectations! A crunchy outside combined with a tasty, soft inside. And a lot of pure plant-based goodness in the form of oats, oat milk and banana for sweetness. For the crust, I used a combination of puffed amaranth and whole grain breakfast flakes, which I crushed with a rolling pin.


Today, we only poured maple syrup on top of our french toasts and it was awesome! Next time, I’ll serve raspberry sauce on the side (see recipe in the breakfast section) and I’ll definitely try to come up with a vanilla sauce that hopefully will be as delicious as the one in Cafe Montana!

So for now, enjoy this great recipe without the vanilla sauce!

These french toasts fit really well some with some seasonal sweet and ripe fruits. I happened to have amazing white peaches on hand.

P1040143Bon appetit! And here is the link to the recipe





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