“That Sugar Film”

Yesterday, we took our children to watch the documentary That Sugar Film at the Arts Center.


Before the movie, when we purchased our tickets, the lady at the ticket counter told us that frequently people in the audience would not finish their soft drinks or snacks after having watched the movie. Even children supposedly throw away their unhealthy snacks. That information really raised our expectations. Kids who voluntarily throw away something sweet? We had to see for ourselves…

Actor Damon Gameau, the film’s hero, goes on a 60-day journey where he eats ‘supposedly healthy’ foods to equal 40 teaspoons of sugar each day from ‘hidden’ sugars in processed foods. He gains a lot of weight within this short amount of time and his blood values quickly take a downturn.

The movie was quite entertaining and shone a light on the amount of hidden sugars in a traditional diet. It was very impressive to see the vast amount of refined sugar in so many products, especially processed foods. No matter whether they are organic, labeled “healthy” or not, you’ll find hidden sugar in pretty much all processed foods. The worst products are clearly drinks, including smoothies and juices (!), who are consumed by people believing that they are healthy. Although they contain nutrients, they are free of fiber and include incredible amounts of fructose. Just think of the number of apples you would have to eat when you drink one glass of freshly pressed apple juice.

Research has very clearly shown the tremendous impact of sugar, especially fructose, on our health; watch the following two movies for more details:

I hope that people who are watching “The Sugar Film” don’t miss the point that our health (and environmental) crisis is not purely about sugar but about processed food, refined foods and an overload of animal based foods.

Undoubtedly, for our children, the most impressive scene of the whole movie was the image of a teenager, who opened his mouth and you could see nothing but rotten teeth (they were to be extracted by a dentist in a later scene, which was quite traumatic for our children- in fact, they couldn’t watch it although my husband and I are both dentists). This poor guy had been consuming the sugar laden soft drink “Mountain Dew” since he was a little boy.

Once again, I found it quite scary to see how many people are misinformed and are intentionally kept in a state of confusion by large food corporations about what is good or bad for them. Who is the bad guy- is it the fat or the sugar? If it says “healthy” or “organic”on a product, does that even mean anything?

My answer is no. Whatever the label of the product claims should be questioned. My advise is to read every single label and ingredient. Make sure you know what you put into your and your families bodies. Only use the fresh produce section of a supermarket and the plant based milk section. Skip everything else. 80% of the products in the aisles contain more or less hidden sugars.

Watching all that sugar overload yesterday made us crave a huge, colorful salad when we came home. And fruits for desserts- no juice, just whole fruits. Tonight, I made the opposite of a processed toxic dinner- a whole food plant based red lentil sweet potato stew with an amazing taste- all natural, satisfying, filling and healthy. Instead of bouncing of the walls like crazy on a sugar high, we had a great, fun evening!


Look at these beautiful colors- and even the smell was amazing- a blend of turmeric, curry powder and cumin… (see the whole recipe on http://plantbasedhappy.com/?page_id=3907)

For afternoon snack we had whole wheat rolls with homemade almond butter, banana slices, strawberries and blueberries- the bananas were very ripe and tasted super sweet- and all that without any added sugar!


(see the whole recipe on http://plantbasedhappy.com/?page_id=3919)





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