Foods Under 30 Minutes- for Students and Everyone Else

Dear all,

Yesterday was a workday for me and I taught dental students at the University. Somehow, I ended up talking with a few of my students about healthy foods, how little time students have to prepare their meals and how cooking for one person isn’t exactly the most inspiring way to spend your time. Our conversation reminded me so much of the time when I was a student, living by myself, missing mom’s food and care. Same dinner for days in a row, never anything useful in the fridge, hardly time to sit down and enjoy a meal, studying while eating etc. One of the students is even studying while she is cooking (good job, by the way!). So for all the students out there, let me show my support in providing you with a few quick and healthy recipes that will provide your brains and bodies with all the nutrients that you need to survive the next couple of years looking good and feeling good.

For snacks, everything raw can we whipped up in a second- I am thinking raw balls, almond butter, fresh fruits, veggie sticks with dip (store bought dips will work great- always have some in the fridge). Here are a couple of our favorite snack recipes:

my signature raw apricot balls


Apricots are rich in many plant antioxidants as well as .Commercially grown dried apricots may be treated with sulfur dioxide gas during processing. They may also be treated with sulfites to extend their shelf life. Buy organic dried apricots (they are usually brown), becasue they do not contain sulfites.

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my newest raw pear/oat/date/raisin balls


I threw these balls together yesterday night remembering that I needed a snack for our children the next day. Because i was tired and not up for spending much time in the kitchen, I made the balls in a rush and the mixture was too runny. I kept adding more oats and more and more of my favorite ingredients to it until it tasted A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

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crunchy salad wraps

Spread almond butter on a crispy lettuce leave, add some banana slices, sprinkle with chia seeds, roll up and enjoy.

For mains try the following recipes. Especially the oven baked veggie mix is incredibly tasty, no mater whether you eat it warm or cold. You can use pretty much any type of vegetable that you have at home.

plant based tacos


We regularly have taco Fridays. Try to find healthy whole grain tortillas, the ones usually sold at the supermarket are loaded with chemicals. In Australia, is is hard to find dairy free cheese and Only our children use a little bit of it on their tacos- it’s more about the looks, really. I am more than happy with the veggie filling, avocado and salad.

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chickpea curry

If you don’t cook for kids, be more generous with the spices! This recipe is a pretty mild version of a curry, nevertheless super tasty.


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oven baked veggies with rice

Prepare this dish in under 15 minutes, throw it in the oven and you’ll have a huge amazing dish that you can freeze.


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need something sweet to lightend up your study day? bake once a week and freeze the cookies. I find that cookies taste better than muffins once thawed.

strawberry oatmeal cookies


You don’t really need to pair the cookies with ice cream, but it is such an extra treat. Instead of using expensive dairy free coconut ice cream make your own banana ice cream (see in recipe index).

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or try a no bake dessert like my raw fruit tarts


click here for the recipe

I hope I could help you a little bit with these recipe ideas. Let me know if you are in need of some special “brain food” and I will try to come up with some recipes that will boost your brain cells! Hang in there!





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