Retreat Heaven with Cranberry Orange Nut Cookies

Dear all,

Have you ever been to a couples- only retreat, completely detached from your daily routine? IMG_2661Well, my husband and I are spending three days at a fabulous very special mountain retreat without our children…. and I have to say, I have not been that relaxed in a VERY long time. It is incredible!

Our little mountain village, set high up on a mountain in the south of Austria, is called “Alpendorf Seinerzeit”, which means something like “Mountain village like in the old days”. It consists of several individual chalets and number 16 is ours!!


My husband enjoys the temporary “simple life” (actually, the luxurious simple life, because our chalet butler even prepares breakfast in our chalet) and loves to make fire in the fireplace- never before were we that spoiled! Would love to come here on a regular basis… well, who wouldn’t?

The chalets is completely made of cedar wood and smells amazing. We get to drink special herbal teas with herbs that grow on the surrounding mountains. Getting whole food plant- based foods is a little bit more challenging, but I find that there are always a couple of dishes on the menu that we can eat. For example, yesterday I had an amazing spelt risotto with spinach and cherry sorbet. Have to try the risotto recipe at home… To my relief we have access to soy milk, which is not readily available in Europe and had cereal for breakfast (and avoided the sausage and cheese platter) and wholegrain rolls with jam.


Today, the weather is not the best… outside it is raining cats and dogs, the temperatures are very low and lots of fog are creeping up the mountains…. Normally, on a day like that, I would be slightly depressed but here it is an excuse to hide in our little chalet- except maybe a walk down to the sauna chalet later on.

Here are a couple more impressions that I captured with my camera- if you have never been to Austria before, you’ll enjoy the unique style. And if you have been here before, you’ll miss it!

IMG_6281Everywhere we look, we find lovingly arranged details.


… and flowers, herbs and plants everywhere…

Soon, we’ll be served coffee and afternoon cake (I doubt it’s going to be a plant- based cake). What I am craving to have with my coffee while the rain is pouring down is one of my yummy

cranberry orange nut cookies


See the recipe on

Among nuts, the case may be made that walnuts are king, as research shows they may boost your health in a number of ways at very easy-to-achieve “doses.”

Eating just seven shelled walnuts a day may be all it takes to take advantage of their beneficial properties. Among those are cancer fighting properties, heart protective effects, strong antioxidant power, brain health, improved reproducibility in men, positive effect on diabetes.

Now, I am off to the sauna chalet and I hope you’ll enjoy the cookies!




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