My Top Ten TED Talks

For everyone who is not familiar with it, TED is a global set of conferences owned by a private non-profit Foundation. Their slogan is : “Ideas Worth Spreading” and offers some very inspiring ideas, new information as well as interesting opinions presented by some very eloquent speakers.

My selection of TED talks gets to the heart of issues that are the most important to me. These powerful talks enabled me to change my understanding and get a clearer view on such pressing topics as environment, nutrition etc.

Let me share with you my top ten TED talks. Actually, I have included 11 TED talks because I could not decide which one to drop to make it ten.

Sit back, relax and get inspired…

  • Simon Anholt:
What country do you live in?


  • Robert Lustig, MD

If you are ready to hear the whole story (and yes, it is so worth watching the hour long public lecture) go on Youtube and watch “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

  • Dan Buettner

  •  And of course remarkable lecturer Dean Ornish, MD

  • A fun and entertaining Mark Bittman, food writer of the New York Times

  •  Jamie Oliver

Although he adheres to an omnivore diet, I admire his strong and ongoing commitment to teach people to consume healthy organic foods especially kids.

  •  And one more time…Dean Ornish

I added this talk because there seems to be a big misconception about how genes determine your is the answer to it!

  •  Simon Sinek

  •  Noble Peace Prize winner Al Gore

  •  Probably THE most interesting TED talk on motivation.

  • And last but not least…Sylvia Earle’s TED talk. Don’t miss out on watching her Netflix documentary “Mission Blue”.



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