Happy Birthday Cake- of course eggless, sugar free and dairy free

Dear all,

I have to admit that I don’t enjoy decorating cakes. I love to bake but not to spend hours decorating one fancy cake that is usually gone within a few minutes. neither do I have the time nor the patience to create a little masterpiece. But twice a year I leave my comfort zone and try to make beautiful birthday cakes for our children… and every year, when I find myself still fiddling around with the deco in the middle of the night I swear it’ll be my last cake. But their cakes are a birthday tradition and makes their birthdays very special, which in turn makes me very happy.

Two days ago was our son Ben´s 10th birthday and the motto of the sleepover party was “fast racing cars”. My husband took the boys to an outdoor go-cart place where they had lots of fun. Naturally, the cake had to relate to the car theme and because Ben and his friends can’t seem to stop talking about fast (and expensive) cars, I picked his favorite car, the Lamborghini. Now, I could´t bring myself to carve an actual car shape out of the cake (although I actually considered it, having a type A personality) and instead asked a friend to print out the Lamborghini logo on her special icing printer. So this year, making the cake was literally a piece of cake for me.

In the past, I have made numerous princess castle cakes,



a Ninja cake,


an extremely awesome pirate treasure chest cake (this really was my masterpiece)


and last year, totally underestimating the time it takes to cut out a gazillion little squares from colored icing, a “Minecraft” cake for Ben.


Every year, I ask the kids with type of cake they would love to have and it´s ALWAYS been my whole food plant-based raw cacao cake! And I have to admit it tastes delicious- just the right amount of sweetness and coffee (decaf when used for kids), filled and topped with a raw cacao ganache. See recipe here http://plantbasedhappy.com/?page_id=1931

As an alternativ to a cacao cake, you can opt for a lemon cake filled with a whipped coconut strawberry creme (http://plantbasedhappy.com/?page_id=530). 

Every year the invited children devour the cakes, despite the fact that there is no sugar in them, no eggs, no dairy, no butter but whole wheat flour. That really does speak for itself. Not once have I heard a little voice asking for more sweetness in the cake and not once has a kid not liked the birthday cake. Now that the kids are older, they know that everything I cook and bake is healthy and they often ask me about the ingredients and have trouble believing it lacks so many traditional baking ingredients.

With the cake, I always serve fresh fruit and cacao pairs very well with ripe juicy strawberries. Leftover cake slices are slathered with leftover ganache and topped with sliced strawberries. The cake also freezes very well and can be heated up and topped with homemade banana ice-cream in summer.

I have always been told to add the wet ingredients to the dry mixture when baking. But I have never questioned why. So recently, I’ve looked it up and found the following: The dry ingredients are lighter, less dense, and less viscous than the wet, which means they’ll have a tendency to float on top of the wet. The dry ingredients that come in contact with the wet will form a sort-of skin, preventing the wet from distributing throughout the dry. You end up with clumps of dry, unmixed, and (ultimately) uncooked dry ingredients.

Pouring wet into dry forces agitation and more uniform distribution.

I want to extend a special thanks to the wonderful moms who come up with all sorts of amazing cakes for their children and post their images online. A lot of my inspiration comes from browsing through pictures of bday cakes on the web. Thanks moms!!

Happy birthday Ben! This post is dedicated to you.

Love, mom


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