Three Ultimate Whole-Food Plant-Based Burgers

Dear all,

A large number of people mistakenly think that veggie burgers taste boring and mostly try to copy traditional burgers. Looking at the increasing number of veggie burger patties in the freezer section, I can’t even blame them. These patties are advocated as meat substitutes and meant to look like traditional meat patties. Mostly, these patties are processed foods and often times include unhealthy additives. They are-once again- proof, that vegan or vegetarian foods are not necessarily healthy. Instead of using meat or other food substitutes, we should find new, exciting, plant-based recipes. Whole-food plant-based burgers can be quite the opposite of plain and boring. Filled with a variety of whole healthy foods, seasoned with herbs and nutritious spices, they can be a colorful, mouth watering and filling dish.

Serve the burgers with homemade sweet potato fries, carrot or parsnip fries.

Some of my favorite ingredients for burgers/ patties include avocados, beans, sweet potatoes, portobellos, red beets (marinated or in a patty), onions, cilantro, parsley, lemon and lime and -of course- greens (rocket, spinach, oak lettuce or romaine).

Here are three of our favorite burger combos:

option number 1- the classic portobello burger: caramelized onions, grilled portobello mushroom seasoned with salt and pepper, mashed avocado on buns, drizzle of lemon, chopped parsley, tomato slices and lettuce leaves. This classic combination is always a hit. The portobellos actually taste best when cooked on a grill.


Our daughter even added her beloved marinated red beat slices to her burger. Our children also like to add a slice of vegan cheese once in a while.

Click here for recipe

option number two- the white bean burger: white bean sweet potato patty, lettuce, tomato slices.


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option number 3- the ultimate red beet burger: The secret to this patty lies in the combination of red beans, red beets and red onion. Pink at its best! We added whole grain mustard and avocado slices to it. 


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Enjoy the burgers!



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