Hot, hot summer and very little Xmas feeling

Dear all,

This goes out to everyone on the Northern hemisphere: Enjoy the cold weather! I am not kidding, neither am I trying to make you envy us for the hot temperatures. Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I had what can only be described as heat exhaustion: headache, low grade download (10)fever, nausea and fatigue. It was sooo hot outside, I was constantly busy and on top of it, went for a run with my daughter – I had to run fast because she was on her bike. Anyway, I spend the afternoon and evening in bed, air condition on and recuperated. Am I getting old? I thought the climate here is what I love- heat, sun, beach, pool. I guess it sounds great when you come from a country like Austria, which has approximately 8 months of cold weather. We all craved the hot summer and couldn’t wait to spend every second outside. Living here in Australia, makes me realize that we have to adjust more than I thought. We don’t lie in the sun anymore, avoid the midday sun, love clouds and wear our rashies (rashguards) in the water. Oh, and we get up VERY early- bike rides at 5am, swim squad training at 6am etc before it gets too hot. And we have to remind ourselves to drink LOTS of water.

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This year is our first Xmas in Australia and I can’t wrap my head around he fact that we have only a couple more weeks left. Normally, at this time of the year, i am busy baking Xmas cookies and decorating the house. It seems very bizarre to decorate the house in the middle of summer. We did order a beautiful fake Xmas tree that we will decorate on the weekend and we have put up our outdoor Xmas lights. I just can’t bring myself to turn on the stove and bake though!! For the time being, all I prepare are raw foods and foods that cook in less than 10 minutes.

This evening, we had beautiful organic kale and snake beans that I had gotten in the morning from a friend’s garden. I sautéed the green vegetables with garlic and lemon. On the side, I served amazing organic bread from our friends Geoff and Lisa’s bakery, toasted and rubbed with a fresh garlic clove. I think food tastes even better if you know who grew or made it.


It was a delicious and light dish. For a more filling dish, cook white beans and cherry tomatoes together with the garlic until the tomatoes turn golden and become soft.  Click here for the full recipe and more infos on the ingredients

My resolution for this weekend is to start making Xmas ornaments with the kids and to get everyone into the Xmas groove. I feel kind of guilty, because I haven’t been able to find our elf this year!! I know I hid it in a safe place last year, a really good spot… but WHICH spot??? Luckily, the kids are getting older and have stopped asking about Sparkly Freezy (=elf name). What I will do though, is create videos for them on this amazing website called PNP (=portable north pole) .

If you are living on the northern hemisphere, please drink some hot punch for me!

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Image: Xmas market Vienna, Austria

Meanwhile, I will try to come up with a recipe for super fast baking plant-based Xmas cookies!



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