In need for a post-holiday nutritional boost?

Dear all,

I hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. Santa has always been very generous and in turn our family decides every year to support a humanitarian project. Last year, we started to download (15)support refugee camps. This year, the kids wanted to have a more personal experience and after some online research, we settled on a program called “Tibetan Children’s Village”, which was founded 54 years ago by the Dalai Lama. We are sponsoring one child from the village and will send our first letter to him or her this week. We are all very excited about this opportunity to help someone get a proper education and a better chance in life. Vivian is already working on a picture to send along with our letter. If you are interested in the program, here is the link:

download (16)

This year, instead of flying to Europe, we stayed in Australia, which made our holidays very relaxed and stress-free.

download (17)

And it gave us plenty of time to cook up amazing whole-food plant-based foods, which I will post over the next weeks. Still, I felt that after a couple of days of feasts we desperately needed to get some extra nutrients into our bodies. No sooner said than done.

Yesterday morning, I whipped up a special vitamin C smoothie (see recipe here


For lunch, we had my husband’s famous herb salad with freshly toasted organic rustic bread “Wood and Stone” (recipe here  



For afternoon snack, we enjoyed fresh fruit salad including pomegranate seeds. For dinner, we couldn’t get enough of my pea courgette leek soup and unwound with freshly made golden chai tea.


Find the recipe here


If you want to learn more about the unique health benefits of chai tea -and see the recipe- please click here

I wish you all a Happy Plant-Based New Year!



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