Waffles versus Pancakes

Dear all,

A few days ago, my husband surprised us with a waffle iron. We used to own one while in the US, but gave it away before we moved to down under. The kids were thrilled! And so was I! Now they can make their own breakfast! Yeah!! I’ll simply place the waffle iron in the middle of our wooden dinner table and everybody will take turns making their own waffles.images (29) And if I teach the kids how to prepare the batter, I might even be able to sleep in on weekends and wake up to the smell of delicious waffles… maybe the kids will even serve breakfast in bed! Haha… I’ve just been day dreaming away. In reality, I genuinely enjoy making breakfast for my family, hardly ever sleep in and never liked having breakfast in bed- it’ll take too much time to get all the crumbs out of the bed and with children, you might have to wash the sheets altogether.

Now, the question remains as to whether pancakes or waffles taste better. The answer to this question is, of course, totally subjective.


Waffles have the capacity to capture toppings, in their valley of dints and rises, and are crispy enough to perform as a plate or even a carry around snack. Plus with waffles, you can build amazing little houses as Drew Barrymore in one of my favourite movies “50 First Dates” proves and even meet the man of your dreams.

images (27)

On the other hand, the dough of pancakes can be filled with delicious berries and there is hardly a more amazing sight than a stack of fresh pancakes with maple syrup dripping slowly down from the top.


Pancakes, in general, are soft and depending on the style, vary in thickness. French crepes are super thin, whereas American pancakes are thick and fluffy.

What matters to us is flavour and plant-based goodness. Plant-based batters taste so much better than traditional egg and refined flour/sugar pancakes/waffles. Here is the recipe for our delicious

almond spelt citrus waffles 



Or try these yummy

whole wheat banana chia waffles



The only thing I have to work on is the shape of my waffles- the flower triangle look is very cute and makes the individual pieces perfect for a snack, but the shape prevents us from building amazing little houses a la Drew Barrymore. But maybe we can force the pieces together by simply using toothpicks… We’ll try that tomorrow.




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