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Time is a funny thing. Or rather, how we perceive time is intriguing.

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Sometimes, time seems to fly by and at times it seems that a moment lingers on forever. Sometimes certain minutes, hours, days or even weeks can be experienced so intensely while others pass by colorless and unmemorable. We were lucky that the summer holidays were a series of amazing events, inspiring moments with unforgetful memories. Then school started and our happy bubble burst. Our daughter had serious issues at school. A string of meetings and interventions took place which put major stress on the entire family. And time slowed down during these days and then came to a complete stop. Nothing else mattered than the wellbeing of our child. Everything else disappeared into the background and I was weirdly aware of the way time changed for us.

I am pretty sure you are familiar with situations like that when something negative happens to you or your loved ones and nothing else matters anymore.

Today, our daughter was back in school and I can feel my world is coming to life again and starts spinning again faster. Just before school started I was actually preparing a post on school foods which I will publish next. Instead, I will provide you with a different recipe, that has a little history.

images (20)Usually, my husband and I have a similar taste when it comes to most areas in life like clothes, food, book, movies, travel, architecture etc. The only real exception constitute meaningless, often times violent,  B movies, which I gladly leave up to my husband and his buddies.

Last week though, I cooked two (!) dishes that our tastebuds experienced completely differently. COMPLETELY!

I loved them, Stefan did not. Having said that, it is really up to you to decide whether they appeal to you are not. We had gone to a local farmer’s market and found images (21)beautiful rainbow chard. The kids wanted me to make sweet potato gnocchi. My husband loves to pair them with fresh thyme, which we also bought at the organic farmer’s market. I had some brown button mushrooms in the fridge and came up with a rainbow chard mushroom thyme gnocchi dish, that was DELICIOUS! What my husband didn’t like about t was the combination of the slightly sweet gnocchi with the mushrooms (which I thought went really well together) and for some reason he disliked the addition of the rainbow chard. My take on this is: if you want to try out the original recipe, I think you’ll really like it. If you seem to agree more with my husband, leave out the chard and/ or sup the sweet potato gnocchi with regular potato gnocchi. Same procedure, slightly different taste.


Here is the link to the recipe http://plantbasedhappy.com/?page_id=6166

The other dish that- to my utter surprise- did not meet my husband’s taste was a fresh fig almond cake. I had purchased a huge tray full of juicy ripe figs and decided to make a classic Italian cake, changed into a plant-based healthy cake including oat flour and almond meal.


My husband was not too of the slightly gooey consistency of the cake center. So in the recipe, I reduced the amount of almond milk and increased the baking time. That should do  the trick. Look at this beauty…





Here is the recipe http://plantbasedhappy.com/?page_id=6189

Let me know whether you like the recipes!





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