Mouth Watering French Galettes and Millet Week

Dear all,

Last week, I flooded you with a ton of information about making yogurt and keeping bacteria alive and happy.

This week, I’ll give you a little break and simply share a couple of plant-based recipes that brightened up our last week. Due to popular demand from my family, I actually made a galette three times (!) in 5 days. A galette is a sweet or savory French round, flat and crusty cake. So far, I have used sweet ripe peaches and pink plums for the filling, but plan on expanding my galette repertoire. You can use all kinds of seasonal fruits for a galette. Great combinations that I put down for future galettes are: pear/almond filling, apple/raisin/cinnamon filling, simple strawberry filling or a peach rosemary filling (love the combination of peaches and rosemary!!).  Just thinking about the different galette varieties makes me want to whip up another dough. YUMM!!


It takes only ten minutes to prepare the dough, which turns this recipe into an emergency recipe- whipped up in no time when in need for something sweet (emergency= hungry kids plus friends deciding to stay for the afternoon, surprise visit from relatives, tired worn out mom who has no more energy for making anything complicated etc).

You only need 5 ingredients for the batter:

  • flour (preferably  80% stoneground, whole wheat flour mixed with 20% stoneground unbleached white flour),
  • water (filtered and cold),
  • salt,
  • vegan butter and
  • sugar.

WHAT?? Sugar? Isn’t this supposed to be a whole-food-free-from-refined-products blog?”

You might be asking yourself. And yes, it is, but once every blue moon 1 tablespoon of sugar in a cake is acceptable, in my opinion. Feel free to leave out the sugar altogether if you think otherwise. Funny enough, I had trouble finding a bit of sugar in my pantry. Eventually, I found some leftovers of evaporated cane sugar, hidden behind the flours. Usually, I don’t need sugar at all- I use natural sweeteners like dates, bananas or stevia (if I need just a hint of sweetness in yogurt etc). “But wait”, you might say, “Isn’t vegan butter processed as well??” And again, I have to agree. But as for the sugar, a bit of vegan butter, used sporadically, should be ok. I am trying out different true whole-food plant-based doughs at the moment. If I find an alternative that is as good as this recipe, I will post it immediately.

IMG_1506I assembled the galettes on baking paper and transferred them to a hot pizza stone that I had already waiting in the preheated oven. Baking took only 20 minutes.

Click here to see the recipe

The best moment is when you take out the galette from the oven. The smell is soo good! The fruits are bubbling, the crust is browned and crispy…amazing!

If you come up with different galette ideas, please post them on Instagram  #plantbasedhappy. I would love to see them.

milletThe second recipe I wanted to share with you is a savory millet dish. My first attempt to prepare a sweet breakfast millet some time ago ended in a bit of a disappointment. Somehow, it didn’t work out and no one liked it, including me. I always wanted to give millet a second chance though. Last week, while I was roasting a batch of eggplant rounds, zucchini slices and butternut squash slices for pesto sandwiches, I decided to use some of the roasted squash in a millet recipe.

The most important thing when preparing grains is to activate them to reduce the amount of PHYTATES, which in turn allows us to absorb the nutrients in the grain and also makes the grains easier to digest. I usually soak the grains overnight before using them the next day (see my post on activation and soaking

I added sweet corn, onion and turmeric to the creamy millet and topped it with crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds. It turned out to be a truly delicious dinner. See recipe here


Turmeric is a great addition to any dish- it has the highest content of beta-carotene of any food, acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and strengthens the immune system. Another great way to add it to your diet it to mix it into a small glass of freshly squeezed orange, carrot and ginger juice.


This millet dish was in fact such a feel-good food that I am inclined to give the breakfast millet another chance next week.

By the way, stay tuned for my upcoming post on home made plant-based cream cheese! Never thought it would be THAT easy to make it myself…



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