Another Surprise!

Dear all,

My next good news after the announcement of the interactive children’s book is the launch of my VERY FIRST COOKBOOK! It is called

Stella’s Whole-Food Plant-Based Family Cookbook


Why Stella? You wonder who she is? Let me start with what I had in mind when I started to create my cookbook:

  1. IMG_1895 (1)More than anything, I wanted to write a true family cookbook, which includes the children every step along the way. From understanding what we are eating, why the type of food we eat is important, where our food comes from and how food, environment and health are closely connected. For that reason I created Stella, a fictional character, who guides children as well as adults through the book. Recipes that children can easily prepare by themselves are especially highlighted with stars.
  2. I wanted to include a lot of information in my book. Nutritional information, interesting and fun facts, information about our environment. You’ll also find a section dedicated to switching to a healthy plant-based diet and how to deal with challenges that may come up.

In addition to that, the book includes over 80 of our favorite, every day kids approved recipes, tons of beautiful food pictures,  a brunch/ lunch/ kids menu and a bunch of links to further resources.
The launch of my book was an amazing event and the setting could not have been more beautiful. But if you are lucky enough to live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, you are more than welcome to attend my next book signing in Burleigh Heads. I would love to see you there!


Ok, it’s kind a hard to read. Here are the details again:

Sunday, May 1st, 11am-1pm at Burleigh Baker’s in Burleigh Heads.

By the way the bakery is THE best place to get heavenly, healthy, sourdough bread… and THE best place to meet interesting people as well.

Now, I feel a little bit guilty because I have not supplied you with a lot of recipes lately. Things have been crazy with the launch of the two books and I even had to translate the children’s book (“My Daily Crazy Food Maze”) into German, because it will be featured on TV in Austria next week. Woohoo!!

But enough taking. Here is a recipe that is the perfect fit for autumn on the southern hemisphere and spring on the northern hemisphere… a super green dish that can either be served cold as a gazpacho or hot as a soup.


It includes avocados, cucmbers, peas and fresh herbs and can simply be made in the blender (which means easy clean up, no mess in the kitchen kind of dish). Not only does it look and taste amazing, but it also includes nutrients in abundance. Have a try…

Click here for the recipe

I will keep you posted on the upcoming availability of Stella’s cookbook and hope to see you at the book signing next week.



PS: Let me know how you like the cover of the book!!


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