Raspberry Birthday Cake

Dear all,

bdaycupcakeOne of our children’s favorite recipes from my cookbook is the one for the birthday cupcakes on page 144. It has been quite a long while since I last made them. Last week though, we were getting ready to celebrate a birthday in our family. The birthday always plays a major role on the celebrations and so discussions were going on how the cake should be like. We came up with the following cornerstones for the perfect birthday cake. It should:

  • be fruity and moist (my husband’s MUST)
  • have a filling/ frosting (Ben’s MUST- actually, he proposed icing which we subsequently changed into a creamy filling)
  • be covered with berries (Vivian’s request… Berries forever)
  • include a vanilla pod in one way or the other (my request, biggest vanilla pod fan ever)

During our cake discussion, Vivian remembered the yummy decorated fairy cupcakes she used to take to schools on her birthdays when we lived in the US. This recipe os the one featured in “Stella’s Whole-Food Plant-Based Family Cookbook” and so we settled on that particular cake batter. This is how the cake turned out:


The batter includes a fair amount of lemon juice and is incredibly moist (check of criteria number one!). For the filling, I decided to make a plant-milk based vanilla sauce and thicken it so we can use it as a frosting as well as a filling (here comes my vanilla pod!).

milkbagBecause of the special occasion, I chose to make my own almond milk, which is superior in taste than store bought almond milk. Making your own nut milk is quite simple and takes less than 10 minutes: blend activated (see my post on activation http://plantbasedhappy.com/?p=6272) almonds with a liquid (can be filtered water or another liquid) and press through a nut milk bag.

I then added a bit of maple syrup, the inside of the vanilla pod as well as the whole pod and brought the mixture to a gentle boil. As a thickener I whisked in cornstarch which is cheaper then agar flakes and does the job as well. I transferred the sauce to a large pan, let it cool off and placed it overnight in the fridge. The next day, I hd the perfect creamy consistency that I was looking for. Perfect to fill and cover the cake with it. making the sauce only took about 10 minutes and I prepared it while the cake was baking in the oven.


Here is the link to the vanilla cream recipe http://plantbasedhappy.com/?page_id=6746

I wonder how a strawberry filling would turn out? I guess you’d simply add strained strawberry puree to the vanilla sauce before heating it up…sounds worth a try!! I’ll keep you posted!






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