South Tyrolean Red Beet Dumplings

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In my last post about our European trip I mentioned the outstanding South Tyrolean Cuisine, especially the mouth watering dumplings that are served literally everywhere. Some of them contain meat, some cheese, but a couple of them a truly plant-based. Woohoo!!


 (And yes, the tiny pink bits on the image are bacon- hard to avoid meat in South tyrol!)

Long story short, we missed these little round beauties so much that my family requested dumplings pretty much as soon as the airplane touched Australian soil. So the quest was on- to find a true South Tyrolean Dumpling recipe that could be tweaked into a truly whole-food plant-based version.


Having grown up with all sorts of dumplings, I clearly remember horrified and utterly disappointed faces on Viennese mothers when the dumplings fell apart during the cooking process. The glue used in dumplings comes typically from eggs and I was naturally a bit nervous whether an egg replacer would do the job or whether my little balls would simply disintegrate. but you’ll only know if you try so I gave it a shot… And the dumplings turned out beautifully!! Phew! Look at their amazing pink color!



Not everything went smoothly though and when I first attempted to form the dumplings from the mixture, they just wouldn’t stick together and I got slightly stressed out, like the moms I witnessed in Vienna.

IMG_3060But I don’t give up easily and had the sudden, genius idea of putting the mixture into the food processor. And that made all the difference. The balls were easily formed thereafter and held their shape during the boiling process.

Lucky me! So I can only advise you to include this important step in your preparations!

Click here for the red beet dumpling recipe

Traditionally, some sort of warm coleslaw is served with the dumplings and I happened to have a homemade fermented slaw in the fridge. I warmed it up and it complemented the dumplings wonderfully. You can also simply place the dumplings on a bed of rocket and add a bit of freshly ground pepper for garnish.


They were so beautiful to look at that I think I’ll serve them at our next dinner party as an appetizer. Hm..maybe I’ll have a red beet dinner with red beets in every course.

Red beet dinner menu:

  • Appetizer: Red beet dumplings
  • Main dish: Pearl barley risotto leek, red beets and mushrooms
  • Dessert: red velvet brownies made with cooked beets and raw cacao

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