OMG Best Salad Ever!

Dear all,

Oh My Goodness, we had THE best salad ever! So good, that we had it two evenings in a row! Where? At home! Difficulty level? Level “super easy”. Rich in nutrients? Oh yeah!!!


The secret? The combination of activated whole grains, fruits, fresh herbs, legumes and lettuce… and a wonderful light and fruity dressing!

Even though I am repeating myself for the gazillions time and might bore you out of your mind, I have to mention– again– that THE most important aspect of this salad (or any dish, for that matter) is to use ACTIVATED grains and legumes (and nuts and seeds if you want to chuck some in). You are new to my blog and don´t know what I´m talking about? Please refer to my post on activating foods (

I´ll tell you what I used but feel free to swap the grains with whatever grain you happen to have soaked overnight (brown rice, quinoa etc). A couple of days ago, I made a barley risotto and had soaked more barley than I needed; and that’s what I used.

Here are the ingredients:

  • grains: pearl barley
  • legumes: chickpeas (I always keep a glass jar of soaked and cooked chickpeas in my garage fridge)
  • fresh herbs: cilantro, chopped
  • lettuce: rocket mixed with green lettuce leaves
  • fruits: pomegranate seeds
  • seeds: activated pumpkin seeds
  • dressing: extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, salt and pepper
  • optional: strips of fried halloumi. Yes, that´s cheese, made from goats milk which originated on the island of Cyprus. Every now and then, my husband loves to have a bit of parmesan cheese (which is, by the way, packed with protein, calcium and Vitamin A) or halloumi. The cheese is definitely not essential for the salad but adds a nice flavor that pairs really well with pomegranates.

Next time, I’ll make twice as much salad and take the leftovers in a mason jar to work. Can’t wait… (click here for the recipe



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