Why whole food plant- based?

The reason is simple: We want to live a long, healthy life and and we want to watch our kids grow up healthy.


I have no intention of getting a heart attack, stroke, diabetes or high blood pressure. I do not want my husband to suffer from prostate cancer, colon cancer or Alzheimer’s.  And I would do anything to reduce mine and my daughter’s risk of developing breast cancer. And I don’t want to become dependent on cholesterol lowering drugs, diabetes medication or other widely used pharmaceuticals.

Not only do I want our kids to grow up healthy I also want our kids to grow up in a healthy environment. This can only be achieved if we our daily food choices are based on a sustainable diet.

Diets that include processed, refined foods and animal products, even in moderation, are the leading causes of “western diseases” such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many more. A whole food plant- based diet has a wide range of health benefits that includes the prevention and even reversal of disease. Furthermore, the environmental impact of world livestock production urges us to downsize this industry. Switching to a whole food plant- based diet is the most significant contribution individuals can make towards reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. Also, a plant- based diet does not contribute to animal suffering.


What is included in a WFPB (whole food plant- based) diet?

A lot of people are asking us what we do NOT eat. We usually answer this question with a list of things that we DO eat.

  • vegetables including green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetablesDSC_0086
  • high carbohydrate foods such as grains, starchy vegetables and legumes
  • fresh fruit
  • nuts and seeds in moderation
  • raw foods and cooked foods
  • sugar and salt are regarded as condiments and are used in very small quantities
  • very little or no oil is used



Difference between a vegan diet and a WFPB diet

A vegan diet includes processed and refined products like white sugar, white flour or white rice. These products are lacking fiber and nutrients and are therefore substituted with whole foods in a WFPB diet. The supermarkets offer nowadays a wide variety of processed “fake” meat or cheese products, which should only be used occasionally or in the transition phase but should not be a permanent part of the diet. A lot of vegan recipes are high in sugar and fat in the form of oil or vegan butter. You will find that I use very little oil in my recipes and substitute it with other ingredients, like applesauce.  Instead of sugar I regularly use natural sweeteners like bananas or dates.

What about supplements?

We occasionally take Vitamin D tablets during the winter months but substitute Vitamin B12 continuousely. Vitamin B12 is only found in plants that have grown in nutrient rich organic soil and in meat, because it is being produced by a type of bacteria that live in animals intestines. The kids grind their tablets with a mortar and swallow them with a sip of milk (non dairy that is), because the tablets have a slightly unpleasant after taste.

Is my family 100% whole food plant based?

No. We really try to stick to it one hundred percent. However, in my opinion, there will always be some exceptions with children. More in one of my future blogs also on how to handle this issue.

But the best thing is that





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  • ursulahienz September 28, 2014  

    I love your blog mom!!!!!!
    love from Ben

  • A.J Vale September 29, 2014  

    Great info. I can’t wait to read more. My kids need to eat more plant based foods.

    • ursulahienz September 29, 2014  

      Hi A.J,
      Thank you!
      If you are interested in certain topics, let me know. The recipes are kids approved and I am sure your kids will like them as well.

  • Howard Howell September 29, 2014  

    Congratulations! Beautiful site. Just reading it makes me feel healthier. Love the variety of the menu and the recipes. Can’t wait to try the coconut chickpea curry tonight.

    • ursulahienz September 30, 2014  

      Hi Howard,
      Just wait until you have tried the banana oat pancakes! Thanks for visiting my blog.
      – Ursula