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Dear all,

As you may have noticed, my website has undergone a significant makeover during the last few weeks and I am very happy to see how it has evolved. We’re still trying to fix a couple of things (like transferring the recipes into the drop down menu) so please bear with me for a little bit longer. I can assure you that we’re working hard to finish it as quickly as possible. While changing this website, my webdesigner Grant and I have also set up our children’s website which we are super excited to launch shortly. I’ll keep you posted about the date but until then will not spill any secrets!!

asparagus8x10_grandeI am very pleased to offer you some videos on my new site and I truly hope you’ll enjoy them. You’re feedback is always important to me so please let me know what you like or dislike on the new blog and whether you have any suggestions. All the hours spent at the computer working on the videos and websites have NOT kept me from preparing new plant based dishes though.

le-chef-alain-passard-sent-tomate-jardin-fille-sarthe-9-juillet-2014_0_730_341A lot of my late inspirational burst stems from watching a new episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table featuring Alain Passard, a three michelin star French chef and owner of L’Arpège

After years of preparing meat and fish dishes, he took a break for a year, completely redefined his way of cooking and returned to his restaurant offering a pure plant based cuisine. He owns two enormous gardens on the countryside where he and his gardeners produce a huge variety of high quality vegetables, fruits etc. I was deeply touched by the passionate way he speaks about plants and it made me look at foods more closely, taste them more often in different states (raw, cooked, steamed etc) and pair different textures. 

Here is my humble variation on soft and crunchy textures, greens and yellows, slight sweetness and saltiness:

New Potatoes, Pesto, Peas, Asparagus and Sugar Snap Peas (without the “vertical Passard asparagus!), 



The sprinkle of pecorino cheese is -of course- optional but is is rich in LYSINE, an essential amino acid that especially growing children need (you also find in in legumes, bee pollen and seeds but in lower quantities than in egg, dairy and meat. Therefore, children benefit from eating eggs and some cheese on and off) and therefore parmesan and pecorino are used often times on our pasta dishes.

Find the entire recipe under Main Dishes in the recipe folder 

New Potatoes, Pesto, Peas, Asparagus and Sugar Snap Peas

This is such a simple yet truly delicious recipe that reminded me of my childhood when my grandmother fed me steaming, slightly mashed potatoes with butter and salt in her kitchen. There is hardly a more basic food than potatoes but so satisfying and tasty. My grandmother was a great cook and took great pleasure in amazing us with her creations but –sadly– was not one to share her recipes or teach her children or grandchildren how to cook. We were only expected to clean up after one of her enormous feats but not get in her way preparing the foods. On and off, I was “tolerated” in her kitchen and would sit on the side of her kitchen counter (as to not get in her way) and watch her prepare different foods (while being fed a slice of dark bread with a spread of butter and honey mixed together with a knife). My grandmother had a huge vegetable garden, grew all the ingredients that I used in this recipe herself and I am pretty sure she would have enjoyed this potato dish- an it would have been even better with the freshest produce straight from her garden. 

I tried my best to get the freshest and cleanest ingredients and at least succeeded in buying organic sugar snap peas and organic asparagus. Isn’t it sad that this is actually an accomplishment? Just two organic ingredients out of… how many, twelve or thirteen? Shouldn’t organic, chemical free produce be a human right? I strongly believe so!

Now let’s see- maybe the taste and smell of this simple dish will bring back dear childhood memories for you too. 

xx ursula

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