Sip Turmeric Latte and Snack on Black Forest Cake Balls while checking out our NEW KIDS´ WEBSITE !!!!

Dear all,

First, I have to apologize to my subscribers for the amount of posts you have received within the last few weeks. In the wake of improving the website, I had to convert every single recipe format. I apologize for any inconvenience you had. I was not aware that all these posts would go out to you. Here is my new post:

I can hardly believe that I was almost too busy to tell you about our new website!! Almost too busy… so let me proudly announce the birth to our new children’s website


dsc_0449(Click on HOME to connect to our site)

You gotta check it out! It has cool and entertaining cooking videos for kids, a ton of information and –the coolest part– an online plant-based cookbook for which children from around the world can submit their favorite recipes. Woohoo!!


Our goal is to show kids how easy it is to prepare delicious, sustainable and healthy foods. It´s so much fun to be involved in the cooking process and it feels so good knowing that you are eating sustainable and healthy foods. Our kids are often times surprised by how little their friends and peers know what consequences their food choices have- on all living things and our environment. The only way to change that is by educating people, including kids. Sadly, we cannot rely on our schools to teach our children these vital informations. With our websites we hope to reach out to –hopefully– a lot of families and children to encourage them to make more conscious food choices every day, not just on Mondays (meatless Monday haha). Please support us by liking, sharing, posting about our website and telling your friends and family about it. 

While you are browsing through plantbasedhappykids, you might want to sip on a warm turmeric latte (after all, temps on the Northern hemisphere are dropping as winter approaches, see recipe here


and snack on a couple of delicious raw “black forest cake” balls made with activated nuts (don´t know what I am talking about? Check out this post about activating foods:


For these amazing balls, all you need are:

  • activated nuts (avoid eating raw, nonactivated nuts- you´ll miss out on important minerals and nutrients)
  • pitted dates and cherries
  • raw cacao powder

For this type of recipe you don´t need to with or measure the individual ingredients. I threw together about 1/4 cup each pecans and almonds, about the same amount dates and cherries and about tablespoons of raw cacao powder. Add a bit of water and blend it in a food processor. Start with just a teaspoon of water, then add a bit more if needed during processing until the mixture starts to stick together. If you like, you can coat them with raw cacao powder.

And now I won’t keep you any longer from checking out our new website  …

Enjoy plantbasedhappykids!!!



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