Weekly Meal Plan 5

Before I give you the newest weekly meal plan (see bottom of page) I have to let off some steam!

It is imply not fair to pass the buck always to the mums- and maybe dads, no offense- when it comes to making the right choices and decisions.


This week felt like it was me constantly swimming against the “bad food” current. It started off with a fundraiser at the ballet school for their annual x-mas performance. It’s for a great cause and I think it’s a great idea. But yes, in front of the studio between ballet classes were the omnipresent sugar laden, processed cupcakes and other sweets and, of course, a plant- based person’s nightmare: a sausage sizzle (at least, I spotted some whole wheat buns!). No vegetables, no meat free option…

I just don’t get it. We are all happy that our kids are engaged in physical activity but at the same time they are being fed the most NON nutritious diet?! If we want them to be fit and healthy, why not feed them healthy food?

Next, Viv and Ben started group tennis lessons and we absolutely love the tennis club. Everybody is super nice and fun. But again, when you walk into the reception area, you’ll find a vast amount of processed foods like candy, soft drinks, ice cream, chips etc on display. After their tennis lesson, the kids are allowed/encouraged to choose a piece of candy as a reward (for what? For having the provilege to play tennis??)…ARGHHH– Why?? Again, I don’t get it – see previous paragraph.

And above all, the next day I find out that the third graders (our son Ben included) secretly sneak over to the cafeteria to buy…of course, candy! Who would think that a school cafeteria offers candy to the kids? It makes them hyper, sneaky (because they know that they are not even supposed to buy stuff at the cafeteria in 3rd grade) and sick (in the long run).

Don’t we want them to be at their best at school?

Plus, the school’s swimming club event every other week is accompanied by yet another sausage sizzle…go figure!

So I said to myself “stop complaining and whining” and here is what I plan on doing:

  • ballet: I will donate vegetarian sausages to throw on the grill and will bake plant- based cupcakes,
  • tennis: the kids and I have come to an agreement: they can choose one so called “bad food- item” (piece of candy OR a soft drink OR ice cream) every third week, which is a compromise everybody can live with 
  • school: see ballet

Once again, one of my favorite talks- Dr Robert Lustig on sugar:

Last but not least the newest weekly meal plan with the shopping list.