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Welcome to my blog! My name is Ursula and I am currently living on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast together with my husband and our two children, 9 and 6 years old. We have switched to a whole food plant- based diet a few years ago and are loving it!

I was brought up in Vienna, Austria where food including pastries and coffee are part of the mainstream culture. After graduating from medical school and dental school I spent a year in Southern California where I got a great education, attempted to surf and met my husband.

We decided to return to Europe and lived and practiced in Vienna for several years. During this time our two wonderful children were born. Subsequently, my husband accepted a job offer and we returned to the States and lived in New Orleans for three years. We soaked up the post Superbowl hype, indulged in Creole and Cajun food and enjoyed the New Orleanean savoir vivre. Yet another job offer brought us back to improve our miserable surfing skills… in Australia.

I guess when you raise kids you always want to do the best for your kids. So while our kids were growing up, I became more and more interested in where our food actually comes from, how healthy it is and what impact our way of life has on our environment. On a girls’ night out, a friend recommended a documentary film to me. This movie, “Forks over Knives” by T. Colin Campbell marked the beginning of our transition into a whole food plant- based lifestyle. Because of our science minded background, we dug through the extensive research and publications that are available on this topic in our search for a diet that will help reduce the risk of developing “western diseases” (i.e. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, different types of cancer etc). We were struck by the overwhelming evidence that is presented in support of a plant- based diet. Ever since, we have maintained to follow the current literature on this topic. The need for a change of our diet is also represented by the fact that the current omnivore’s diet is not sustainable long term by our environment and will lead to an ecological and humanitarian collapse.

Most of our friends thought it was too extreme, too radical and too undo-able to switch to a plant- based diet. For us it was surprisingly easy, because we always envisioned the benefit of our actions for both our health and the environment. This mindset helped us to overcome most of the initial inertia and challenges, which were inherent in our diet change. My love for cooking inspired me to try out different ingredients, new ways of preparing food and to come up with new recipes.

Encouragingly, we are not the only ones changing! The list of people switching to a plant- based diet is getting longer by every day. Major changes often start with a grass root movement and I am happy that we are part of this exciting change in food paradigm. Join us!




  • luiz rosa May 27, 2015   Reply →

    hi Ursula,
    definitely will try to cook some of this delicious recipes 😉 yummmoooo

    • ursulahienz May 28, 2015   Reply →

      Hi Luiz,
      Thanks! Let me know if you would like a certain recipe or a specific topic that I could write about.
      xx Ursula

  • Frauke Warnke May 25, 2016   Reply →

    Hi Ursula,
    I am getting more and more into it and your Blog is a great support. Even though I am not a Vegetarian or Vegan Person, I like to cook and eat more concious and healthy.
    I read your post on activating nuts and seeds ( I am in the middle of the process at the moment) and it made totally sense to me and ist no Hokuspokus.
    So thank you for this and I hope for more inspiring ideas.



    PS I am currently thinking about purchasing a dehydrator, any hints on what to look out for? How does it work to dry nuts in there as there is supposed to be circulation, which wont work if you put a layer of foil in there to pervent the nuts from falling down

    • ursulahienz May 29, 2016   Reply →

      Hi Frauke!
      So happy to hear that my blog is helpful to you! And it’s great to hear that you seem to enjoy a healthier way of eating. Have the kids found some recipes that they like? In terms of dehydrator- I bought a really cheap one for 34 AUS and it does the job perfectly. For smaller nuts I line the trays with parchment paper but stack the trays so that there’s always a non-lined tray between two lined ones. It works just fine.
      Writing a new post about incredibly tasty pancakes at the moment- with sweet potato, but you wouldn’t even notice. Give them a try as soon as they are online!! Also, working on the kids’ website with tons of cooking videos. Your kids might enjoy them.

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